Who the heck is Maggie?

And can she reach that thing for me?

Hi, there! I’m a graphic designer from Chicago who currently works and lives in Bloomington, Indiana.

I like to make just about anything, from websites to cinnamon raisin bagels. I love to run outdoors and play fetch with my dog, Otto. I’m a trivia champion. I’m pretty sure I know almost every line of dialogue from the Alien movies. And, no, I probably can’t reach that thing for you.

Maggie is the prototype of a young, aspiring creative. Bright, smart, patient, quick to understand complex assignments, and performs well under extreme deadlines/pressure. As a designer, she’s progressed an at extraordinary rate and continues to be curious and learn. I am very impressed with her grasp of business needs/strategy and her self-assurance in the presence of the company “big-shots.” Simply, I am impressed with Maggie and I can see her excelling in any creative pursuit.Kent Henderson  Badass Design Professional

Maggie O'Connor - About Portrait

Well, What can she do?

Pretty much anything! I studied fine art in college, and since then, I’ve thrown myself into the world of web design, learning as I go. I’ve worked in ecommerce as well as with web applications and startups. Check out some of my special skills below!

Download my resumé

Graphic Design
Front End Development
Photography & Editing
Branding & Identity
Doodling & Illustration
Throwing Tennis Balls

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