Subscription Management and Recurring Billing

When CheddarGetter was founded in 2007, the product was heavily marketed to developers. The brand voice was quirky, silly, and clever, and CheddarGetter became a popular resource for developers and startups who needed secure and reliable billing solutions.

As CheddarGetter grew, the company began selling to larger companies. The quirky, silly voice that worked so well with software developers began to feel a little unprofessional and outdated.

This, paired with the fact that

the original app wasn’t designed to be viewed on mobile devices, spurred the decision to rebrand and redesign.

I was responsible for the new logo and style guide design, marketing site design and development, and design and implementation of the new, responsive GUI within the app.

Cheddar was my first experience using Twitter Bootstrap. Holy heck did that make this project fun and much, much easier!

CheddarGetter Branding
CheddarGetter Marketing Site
CheddarGetter Screens

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