The Combine

Combine 2015 tshirt
Combine 2015 Poster

The Combine

Three Days of Techy Goodness

The Combine is an annual conference on entrepreneurship and innovation that takes place in Bloomington, IN. Past speakers have included Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales, icanhascheezburger CEO Ben Huh, Comedian Michael Ian Black, Cards Against Humanity co-creator Max Temkin, and internet cat sensation lil Bub. In 2015 (above), I was the sole designer responsible for creating all branding and design for the conference.

I designed and developed a responsive website, designed emails, badges, posters, t-shirts, side presentations, and panels for a charging station.

In 2014 (below), I used assets created by the insanely talented Kurtis Beavers to design The Combine’s website, warring t-shirts, badges, giant 11-foot tall posters, slide presentations, and pretty much everything else we needed for the event.

Combine Cornzilla Shirt
Combine Prime Shirt
Combine 2014

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